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    Unique artworks created after dozens of images and hundreds of layers are combined to make the new artwork

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    All works are limited edition of 5 on 4 mediums - glass/metal/canvas/paper

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    SurrealPete - Digital Collage Artist

    Emerging Digital & Mixed Media Artist

    A brief artist statement and my Artistic Credo that I apply to my digital collages can be found here online and on most of the Surrealpete Group of stores, sites and blogs.



    My artistic journey began while still at school and for 15 years+ I focused on free-form sculptures (red terracotta clay as my medium), but several international moves made pursuing this impractical and I shifted to digital art as my new medium of expression in 2009 upon my return to Sydney from Amsterdam. After 6years of intense work I am able to produce high quality art in my chosen field of Digital collage with glass & metal as a focus.

    In 2014 I launched my main website, and in 2015 went on to launch and run 8 online stores, and 12+ social sites/blogs. My work is selling locally in Sydney and I am entering selected artworks to a number of online competitions and art shows with varying success. I believe my art has achieve a unique personal style but overall there is a definate Surreal and Fantasy/SciFi feel to much of my work. I engage magic realism at times and abstract conceptual at others. I rarely know what I aim to create as the work tends to form itself as the collage takes shape.

    In 2014 & through out 2015 I made creating & selling my art a full-time job. In part a leap of faith, but such a step must be taken or nothing changes. And in the last months of 2015, I now have a shop presence in the Makery, on Oxford St.

    If you are in Sydney, drop in to support Art and the Creators of art


    My art consists of works constructed using digital collage of multiple existing stock images, my own resources & pictures, partial/altered thumbnails

    The original pix (can be over 20 in most cases) are morphed and blended and layered to create something new, a digital composite or collage bearing minimal or no resemblance to the individual parts used.

    I cover artistic copyright concerns and education in CopyrightCare and follow that up with the Ultimate Artist Copyrights Portal

    To supplement an Artists often uncertain earnings in mid 2015 I created 2 new sites ESMG & VixenWear selling imported mens & womens erotic underwear and apparel. A side business which has been going very well so takes up half my time now.

    On my Surrealpete main tumblr Arts blog, new & old works are posted as well as as a number of outside works by other artists., any art I really like a LOT goes up. The sandbox galley I curate is where you see my personal taste and inspiration is derived from. I am in awe of many of these artists.

    My Quotes blog Artisticoneliners, is now semi retired as is SurrealSandbox, is more inclusive of others work with only a small number of posts from either going on to feature in a Surrealpete post or artwoork. My current workload means I have scaled these blogs right back, along with my Artist advice posts titled "Go-itiAlone" (complete post history held on IMGUR.) which I will still contribute to as times allowes

    Selected artworks are for sale on my wix origins Home website as well as Strikingly, and from Imagekind, with Redbubble, Nuvango(defunct) and Zazzle handling my other products. Surrealpete BIGCANVAS on bigcartel handles large 100x100cm size canvas only as a niche market area. In 2015 fine arts SurrealpeteART, and SP-Classics & Art leasing store at Weebly. have also launched live online. I am also maintaining a FlavorsMe site to link some of my higher priority media together, certainly no easy task. The 2 most recent additions to the group may help, MeDotCom and About.Me/surrealpete which is already showing its worth over 45,000 views in 70 days! AboutMe is my golden child right now.

    A list of my memberships is shown on numerous SP group pages, but Tumbler, Flickr , Stumbldon an PinIntrest remain the top four most used, with Twitter close behind, Google+, linkedin, delish somewhwere in between and FB last as my posts there are from somewhere else in the group - I rarely open FB so never send me urgent msgs via fb!!. links to them all are listed under social media or see my personal LISTS here


    Love to hear from clients, artist and fans alike.

    But haters can take a chill pill and not bother LOL


    Here's hoping for a good art reception in 2016!

    And well done to my new kids Vixenwear & EMSG - a wicked start so high hopes for your futures kids.

    Any and all support in my artistic journey will bring you much good karma, I hope you love my work and can see into its layers they way I do.

    Blessed be.



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    If unsure of the ref# or art work Title check it HERE

    If unsure of the ref# or art work Title check it HERE

    If unsure of the ref# or art work Title check it HERE

    If unsure of the ref# or art work Title check it HERE

    If unsure of the ref# or art work Title check it HERE

  • All feedback is appreciated. Let me know what you think about my work, and/or if you have a project for me, I do private commissions plus any various freelance work.